Psychic Readings by Amber - Company Message
A note from Amber ~

~ When I receive Emails or messages from you about your experience with me. I post them on this page to help people who potentially want a reading with me but might be hesitant.  Thankyou so very much for all the kind words <3 It means so much to me.

 " I was first was a bit skeptic about psychic readings, but when Amber was able to tell me things that took place around my daughters death and funeral, things that theres no way she  knew anything about before. I realized this is real."

" My sister had previously died in a car accident. Amber described the color of the car and how the accident happened. She told me about my sisters favorite teddy bear, right down to the color and the bears missing eyeball ! She also pointed out a song that me and my sister used to listen to, together, all the time. She  could only know that by talking with my deceased sister. "
C. F.
Brodhead, WI

"Amber told Me My Deceased grandpa’s name, and commented on me tickling his belly.  Before grandpa died I  would always pat grandpa’s belly and say " old man " and we would laugh.  She also told me  many accurate things things about my  friend who had died over 13 years ago, right down to the pants he wore all the time thers no way she could know that . She was right on. "

I had alot of crazy things going on in my life and amber nailed one particular thing right on the had been a huge thing for me to deal with lately and it was coming thru very strong. she described the situation and the person to a T. She has given me closure on a chapter in my life that everyone has said i needed to be done with and hearing the words from Amber is reassurance that my friends and family truly do know what is best for me....thank you Amber!

Monroe, WI

" We all heard the  humming sound in my house , it would start then stop.  After a few minutes Amber came inside my house  asked if my grandma used to pinch me my under arm. Grandma did !  It was grandma in the house !! Theres no way she could have known that ! Grandma was here ... she was here, humming. "

My sister had passed away from Cancer. I had come to Amber to see if we could get in contact with her. She described the house we used to live in and what color it was. I asked her if my sister was giving me any signs from the grave .. she laughed, and said " yea, she turns off the street lights when you drive by them ! She was right !!! Thats exactly what happened. "
Anonymous -
Beloit, WI

I had come to see Amber because I was recommended By a friend. I was pretty nervous and she definitely made me feel comfortable. We talk about my husband who died a few months ago, and she told me that he was still smoking those " stinky old cigars "  I used to hate those cigars when he was living .. and he thought it was pretty funny that he still got away with it. She also said that I would be selling my house in the next few weeks.  It SOLD last week !!! She was right :)

Linda L. -
Janesville , WI

Amber has made a world of difference in my life in just ONE day. I can never thank her enough. Please get a reading from her. Youll be glad you did !!


My sister and Mother went to see Amber before I did and the information Amber gave them was so dead on I had to see for myself. I was able to see Amber just before her store closed for the day and without a appointment, Amber happily did a reading and the first thing she said to me was "there's a problem in your relationship" inwhich Amber had no way of knowing I just seperated with my partner of 11 years.
Amber informed me how to "cleanse" my house of negitive influence. Amber told to purchase some White Sage to burn and go about the house cleansing each room. I went to over a dozen stores to get this sage--no one had any when I called Amber to find out where she gets hers she gladly wrapped some up and mailed to my home in Portage.
I have had readings before and have ran into some "very fake" people, ones that ask leading questions--you will not get this with Amber, she is very real--down to earth--and tells you everything--good or bad. I am looking very forward to another reading with Amber soon.

Sincerely, Mark W. Coplien
Portage, WI.

My reading with Amber was unbelievable! She knew information about me and my family that very few people knew. She was accurate about every topic that was discussed.  It was an experience I will never forget. I was very nervous to see her, but she made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  She is one of the nicest people I know. I will always be a client of hers,  can't wait for my next reading!

Monroe WI

I enjoyed viisiting with my friends at the party I hosted at my house with Amber Hawkinson doing psychic readings. She is very insightfull. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in getting in better tune with themselves and understaanding the world around them. Thanks for the help Amber.

Brodhead, WI

Had a reading done by Amber Renee Hawkinson ......,thanks Amber,it hit things right on the head. It was amazing, u are good. thanks a million.

Shelly - Beloit WI

Amber, I want you to know that I haven't had such a peaceful and enriching experience since my father passed.  You were able to connect with him and put my mind at ease about some of the problems that arose after he passed.  I thank you for that.

I will definitely recommend you & will be in to see you again !

 Sheri- Brodhead WI

I met Amber through a friend. I had heard wonderful things about her accuracy & the unique way she explains the information to you. I have to say .. after meeting with her now I see what all the fuss is about !! Amber, you are a wonderful person. Full of light & incredible insight.I look forward to meeting with you again & again.

Madison, WI

I was a little skeptical at first, I kinda believed but part of me was
like it is probably just gereral knowledge that is universal for
everyone. Then she started the reading and it was very neat, she hit on
so many personal things that no one would know but me and thats when it
hit me that she is real, there was no way someone could know about some
of these things. I found out that some of the things I have been
experiencing in my life was my spiritual guide which now I am comforted
rather than weirded out. All in all it was a very pleasant and
comforting experience and want to come back for more! I know now that
everything is going to be okay and I am doing the right things in life.
I have a whole new outlook on this life and this sort of thing, it
opened my mind to new things! Very happy I did it!
Columbus, WI

You will simply adore this girl the momment you meet her, trust me!!! Go get a reading you won't regret it!!!


Had a really good reading from you Amber! I'll be back for more! Thanks!

Vickie D

When I went to Amber, I was at the bleakest time of my life, my best friend and husband has passed away. She knew nothing about me and validated every thing that I needed to hear from Bob, my deceased husband, it made me find a peace I didn't think I would ever know. Thanks to Amber, she has helped make better choices in my personal life, and for that I am very grateful. Amber, I can never thank you enough,I will be back to see you soon,

God Bless You, Bonnie


Amber is amazing---came over to do a party. She named my 3 "housemates" & I have confirmation on our abstract title--my mom did research. The 3 names she gave me were Jack (grumpy man), Amelia and Elena. Here's what we found: In 1880, a farming family lived here & dad's name was John "Jack" Stewart. In 1870, Alymie (sp?) was 7 when she lived here with her family--that's about the age of the girl Amber saw (Amelia). I've actually seen this girl & can confirm age. Zelena Marty was 3 when she died in this house in 1899---that's the age of the little girl Amber (& my girls) saw. Amber was spot on!

Melissa - Monroe

I have to say that Amber is one of the most accurate psychics I have had readings with! I had one guy that I would get readings with ONLINE only because he didn't live in the same state as myself. He would constantly email me with special... "deals" almost every other day. I started to feel like he just wanted my money more than help. Then he told me something that was completely untrue and it was at a time I was going to court with my "ex". It devastated me and I haven't spoken to him since. I only trust Amber!

Wendy - Oregon

I'm sure there's other great psychics out there but Amber is the one that made me a believer, I've always had an interest in psychic abilities and the supernatural! The thing is anytime the word psychic came up it was hard to have anything ...but a negative opinion because of all the posers out there giving people with this amazing gift a bad name! After my first reading with Amber I was completely blow away how spot on she was! This also perked my interests even more so about the psychic world and wanting to open and expand my mind to it! She has helped me in ways that no one else could, Amber is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know and also a great friend! If you've never had a psychic reading or u have but got one of those posers or just wasn't convinced then I highly suggest Amber for your reading, u won't regret it! Thank you again Amber!!

Jason, IL

Hi Amber:

I don't know if you remember me, ******  I'm a good friend of ******* and you gave me a reading at your shop in Brodhead about 2 yrs ago. I stopped by your shop about a year ago to let you know that your one prediction of  my health and were it was located came true.
Your other prediction was at the end of my reading you asked if I had a dog. I answered yes, and then you asked if there was something wrong with him. At that time Sam was suffering from Idiopathic Horner's Syndrome. It looked like he had a face lift on one side of his face. It usually takes a couple of months to get back to looking normal. They really don't know what causes it. You then stated that you saw another dog running around me. I said, no, just have one. You stated again, no I see this dog and you are going to be getting another dog, I don't know the time frame but yes, there will be another dog, BUT....there was something wrong and that he was not going to be around much longer. It really didn't make sense to me at that time.
Well, as you can see from the pictures that I sent you, **** is the black puppy (11 mo) that we got March 12, 2011. Sam is my old brown puppy who just turned 9 on Dec. 8th. It breaks my heart to tell you that you were SO right.  *****  died Nov. 12th. 

I just had to share this with you. It was a wonderful experience because I did not know that I was capable of loving more than one. I wish I would of had more than one child too because maybe that one would like.

Thank you Amber for opening my heart to love more,



I had my first reading with Amber on Friday the 13th. I chose that date for many reasons...1) it was Friday the 13th, 2) it was my birthday, 3) it was my uncle's birthday.  My uncle passed away very unexpectedly in 1996 at the age of 39 due to a massive heart attack.  I have never completely mourned his loss, even after all of these years.   What she said to me during my reading helped me in ways I can never fully explain.  She was able to put my heart at ease and finally come to terms with his death.  Thank you Amber.

Cathy - Edgerton


" WOW!!!! How else can I explain the wonderful gift that Amber has?!? I always wanted to talk with those in the afterlife and Amber did that for me. I did not tell Amber what I wanted to ask my parents, my parents knew and told Amber. After talking with Amber and my parents I had this sense of fulfillment, calmness, kn
owing the answers to questions. If you are a non believer that you cannot communicate with those in the afterlife, Amber will make you a believer!
She can also feel the “energy” of the boy or girl you are carrying and tell you what you will be having. She even did this with the ultra sound picture I gave to her of my niece and said it was a girl and she was right!! Amber is able to see a short distance into the future and she even predicted correctly what my daughter was going to have with her baby. Right down to the blue eyes!!!
I had Amber do an Aura drawing for me of my husband and our daughters kissing him. What a beautiful picture she did and she wrote an explanation of what the picture represented.
Amber is only 30 years old but has the wisdom of a person two to three times her age!!! I can’t say enough good things about Amber!!! You will have to make an appointment or have a party and see for yourself!!! "

Karen - Janesville


You are awesome Amber, and your gift is a huge blessing!!! your connection you made for me with my dad was amazing. You helped bring peace to a 20 year old feeling of "disappointing" that I carried with me. I thought my father passed with me being that, and you let me know that wasn't true!! Can't wait to meet with you again. Can't ever begin to thank you for that.

Dianna - Beloit


Dear Amber, when I scheduled a spirit circle party with you, I was so excited. Prior to the party, I had, had you do a dream interpretation, which made sense and was logical, and I followed your 'predictions and advice' and upon looking at it differently, it made complete sense the way you described it. I also had you do an aura portrait interpretation.... let me just say, first, the artwork is just absolutely beautiful, I am actually going to have it professionally framed and matted with the interpenetration next to it. Every single person, including my complete NON-believing husband, have said that what you wrote, (and let me make it clear, Amber had never met me personally, only went off of my picture I sent her via email) was completely spot on... there is just far too broad of a spectrum for a person to use to describe people, and to describe a person's individualism from a simple picture and would be either very generic or impossible ... and mine was very in depth, almost a page long, which was anything but generic or brief or wrong; not a single thing she described was untrue. Upon having the party, I was so excited and very confident that I was going to get a lot of information that hopefully was of use to my friends and myself. Well, lets just say, she did not disappoint; one friend in particular had an amazing revelation that led to healing she never allowed herself to attempt due to guilt, fear and hurt; Amber provided a safe environment for my friend to obviously receive and connect with her loved one and come to peace. Amber also took many pictures in the dark (candles were the only source of light) and practically every picture of myself had an orb of some sort mostly on my right shoulder, and some faces were seen... and just to ease your minds thinking she 'tricked' the photos, lol, she forgot her camera, and used my personal camera on a whim, therefore, she had NO TIME to prepare a camera to take pictures that weren't what they were. I have since been blessed with getting to know Amber as a person, and have been blessed with her in my life on a personal level, and my life truly has changed dramatically since her entering it, and I am forever grateful to the spirits for guiding her to me! You will not be disappointed, even if your a nonbeliever... if you just give your time to sit with her, even if your a non believer and have had things in your life that you just can't seem to figure out, I PROMISE she will be your means to your answers and I believe you above all would prosper tremendously from her gift!
Amber, thank you for being you, and I look forward to our counseling sessions as well as my personal reading coming up soon, along with my much anticipated aromatherapy sprays!! You are a complete package~!

Sonja, Brodhead, WI


All I can say is Amber is amazing!!! I thank you a million times over. What you did for me tonight can never be replaced. I'm excited to meet with you again and find more peace. - Renea


I just want to say...thank you. I will never forget what you said to me when we first met, during my first reading. You said, "When life pushes you down, get back up. For the love of God, GET BACK UP." These words resonate within me every day that I wake up and put my feet on the ground. You'll never know what a difference that one sentence has made for me in the past 8 months. ♥ - Bethany


Amber, thanks for the reading this morning! I found Mitchell's cell phone in the couch right after we hung up - you were right! I hope your daughter didn't miss her bus? - Wendy


First off - thank you so much for reaching out to my Grandma on Saturday! That was such an incredible experience and I will never forget it! Many thoughts have come up about the yellow flowers. Some thought she had yellow flowers in her wedding with my Grandpa; mom thought maybe she was talking about the yellow cryanthemums we had on her crypt this fall; however, the flowers for her crypt was a gift from the five grandchildren. I know the first flowers we picked out for it was color coordinated. Grandma was one color, the two children were another, and all five grandchildren were another - I believe yellow. I believe Grandma was trying to tell me that she knew the flowers were from the grandkids - or she wants yellow in there now :) Either way - she's getting yellow flowers this spring!! Thanks again Amber! You ROCK :) _ Jenny


When I had that psychic party back in March I asked you what the sex of the baby was when my niece was about 3 months pregnant and you said GIRL...well, she had her baby on Monday and it was a GIRL!!! :) - Meaghan

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