Psychic Readings by Amber - Company Message
Private Reading :
This is an individual reading, in my home office. by Appointment. 
Private Reading Prices

15 minute - $25.00
30 minute - $40.00
Hour - $70.00

Home Party :
I travel to your home to do readings for your loved ones.
Up to one hour from my home. Availability is limited. 

Price : $25.00 per guest.
Maximum of 10 guests.

Spiritual Counseling Session : 

This is for clients who would like to go more in depth into the metaphysical and Spiritual world. During a Spiritual counseling session we discuss grounding techniques, crystals, chakra, meditation techniques, etc. We also talk about your life and how these things can be incorporated, for a better balanced life.  This service is an hour long.

Price : $70.00

Meditation One on One :

Do you want to learn how to meditate ? This service is for you. This is a one on one meditation class, where we talk about techniques, tailor a meditation plan to your specific needs and do a meditation together.

Price : $70.00

Dream Interpretation :
You send me an email of your dream, and I send back a detailed description of what your dream may be telling you about yourself, or your life.

Price: $10.00 

Email Reading :
You send me 5 questions through email, along with a current picture.
This is available at any time, no appointment necessary. I do them in the order they are received. 

Make your questions easily understandable, and not too vague. Example : What's in my future ?  is too vague.

Price : $25.00

15 Minute Reading
Phone or Office
Price: $25.00
30 minute reading
Phone or Office
Price: $40.00
Hour Reading
Phone or Office
Price: $70.00
Email Reading
5 question email
Price: $25.00
Dream Interpretation
Online dream Interpretation
Price: $10.00
Meditation Session
private Meditation class
Price: $50.00

Contact Amber !

Phone - (608)931-4863
Email -

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